Back in Blackwater with Brekin

Back at fresh writing today.
Chapter seventeen begins.
More updates to The Story So Far coming later today to make sure new followers are up to speed with how the story is progressing. Until The Story So Far section is complete, previous chapters can be found on the Live Writing : Addison Dark facebook fanpage.

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The Story begins

The Story So Far section now has the Prologue, and Chapters 1 through 3 summarized for your reading pleasure.
More coming tomorrow.

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ReOrg Update

All the pages have been removed from facebook.

Chapter 15 (the latest written) is in the Recently Written section.

The Addison Dark personal facebook page (that was only set up to allow for easy page posting to albums) will come down tomorrow.

The Story So Far section will begin to be filled in tomorrow. (As soon as this is complete, fresh pages for Addison Dark will be written and posted.)

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