Hello Faithful!

Other than writing fiction I also dabble with Photoshop and love video games. Those who know me best, have long become familiar with my particular fondness for the God of War series. I have what might be classified as a shrine to the series in my basement that includes real metal swords, a 17″ tall, 10lb statue, comics, art books, rubber mask, action figures and more.
This love of the story and characters has been poured into a project that until the last 6 months was really going nowhere fast. Myself and the gang at Holmade Games (creators of Hurdle Turtle and Pixel Whirled on XBLIG and iOS) have had some busy times in our personal lives.
Holmade Games founder and CEO happens to be my brother. He and I have gone into crunch time for a March 16th PC release date on our God of War demake. An 8bit graphic driven side scrolling action platformer.
Be sure to check out Holmade Games for details.
To assist us in this crunch time, I’ve taken a staycation. Vacation time from my every day job, but not going anywhere. Just working on the game.
I’m writing the story, and consulting on game play elements as they relate to the world and characters as presented by Sony in all five of their official games.
I’m also doing the graphical work for the cutscenes that take place between levels.
During this staycation Live Writing will be disrupted. I won’t necessarily post pages every day. Next week Live Writing will be back to normal. Thanks for your patience.

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About timmholmes

Father of two little gentlemen. Author of The Mostly Made Up Adventures of Malcolm & Cooper. Creator/Facilitator of START A STORY Young Writers Workshop. @TimmWrites timmwrites@gmail.com

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