So I pulled a bit of a disappearing act on ya this week. I thought I had enough work to do for Holmade Games to keep Live Writing only a bit disrupted. As it turns out, I had procrastinated so much on my duties there that my Staycation week was full of ten and twelve hour days to complete both rewrites and cinemas for Holmade Games upcoming 8bit demake of God of War. I loved it!
This has been a labour of love and we hope Sony, David Jaffe, and the rest of the official God of War team dig what we’ve done!
So great doing something so different and its given me a few ideas about how to further expand the Addison Dark media presence.
Speaking of Addison, he’ll be making a return on Monday as we return to your regularly scheduled programming of Live Writing!
In the meantime if you need to catch up on yer reading, the official Live Writing: Addison Dark facebook page has been updated. Chapter folders have been combined to remedy an issue iOS readers were having with not being able to see all the albums because there more than eight. Facebook? Why does this happen? The iOS facebook app doesn’t limit album views on personal pages, so why on fanpages?
I’m also playing around with a redesign for this blog, so keep yer eyes peeled for that and be sure to send me feedback!

Read me live,

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Father of two little gentlemen. Author of The Mostly Made Up Adventures of Malcolm & Cooper. Creator/Facilitator of START A STORY Young Writers Workshop. @TimmWrites

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