Don’t mind if I ramble do you?

After a long period of dealing with pain and battling different ailments, my mother’s mother passed away this Saturday previous.
The family has all travelled to Simcoe, Ontario to remember, celebrate, and wish Cecile Bertha Demuynk well in whatever comes after this life.
I’m not a religious man by any means, but I respect and understand those family members that are. I do consider myself a spiritual man, and I believe as much as hope that there is more to our existence than what is here.
This life is goes so quickly, moves so frantically, and is so chaotic.
It reminds me of sperm.
My wife would laugh uncomfortably at this unsure of where I was headed in my thought process, and my father would shake his head disapprovingly yet curious (as he is always curious) at how I might blend the two events in my mind.
But are we not all wriggling around trying to find our place, moving forward as fast as we can, trying to be the best at what we do? Trying to be the first at the egg? If we are religious or spiritual in any way, are we not trying to behave and perform adequately to eventually be reborn into the light?
In all of this hustle and bustle we sometimes forget what is important. Why is it we seem to need this type of event to bring us all together?
We let the days slip passed us and family begin to lean toward being strangers.
Aren’t there enough strangers in our lives already?
Regret not buying that new gadget, regret not having gone to school for a different major. Never regret not spending more time with family. They should be our rock, our anchors, our safe shore when the storm becomes too much.
Friends are important too, and to some of us they are a second family. To others their our only family.
Drop a big piece of cheddar on their head and let them know how much they mean to you. Not every day, but often.
Meet, talk, love, laugh, fight, cherish, live.
You never know when your wriggling’s done.

Read me live,

PS page postings will be understandably interrupted while I spend this time with family.


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