Holmade Games launches their long-in-development PC game Bit of War tonight for FREE!
I wrote the story based on previously established cannon and video interviews with Sony Santa Monica staff both present and past as to what they would have liked to be able to do with the game if not for time constraints and creative limitations.
While work on the project began over three years ago, it wasn’t until the last six months where the team at Holmade Games and I got elbow deep in the meat of the game and started running into our own constraints and limitations.
Included in those limitations were the in-game cinemas that I designed and built. Holmfry of Holmade Games handled inserting and timing them. This resulted in a lot of previs discussions to ensure the sequences would fit into the game at all appropriate spots.
We think we put something special together here. And regardless of how the interweb community receives it, we know how much passion and effort went into the making of this game!
I have plans to post a more indepth commentary on how awesome it was getting to work on a game that so many other people will play!
Tonight we have a ton of last minute preparations and website tweaking to do before we go live at midnight!
When the time comes, be sure to get the game here.

As for Live Writing tonight, it will likely be a shorter post due to my pre launch dealings with Holmade Games.

Read me live,


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