Moods. Where do they come from?
We all have a basic understanding of the catalysts – what sets us off, what gets us down. But why do these things effect us?
Aren’t we intelligent enough to objectively view the situation? Mature and experienced enough to know it’ll all be better later? Why must our minds and our hearts go through these sessions just to come out the other side?
We already know we’ll feel better later, so why not skip the crap and get to the end?
I’m angry at something. I’m frustrated at other things. Not a good night to write. My mind doesn’t want to travel anywhere fantastical. It wants to stay here and beat the crap out of itself.

Hope your nights were better. We’ll revisit Waldern tomorrow. Sorry gang!

Read me live,


About timmholmes

Father of two little gentlemen. Author of The Mostly Made Up Adventures of Malcolm & Cooper. Creator/Facilitator of START A STORY Young Writers Workshop. @TimmWrites

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