Just noticed this post didn’t upload earlier this week. Sorry if ya felt like you were left in the dark.

Going on two weeks vacation starting Monday April 30th.
Vacation to me is a break from all things regular. So my regular posts will be postponed. Doesn’t mean I won’t be inspired and write some, but no guarantees for the next two weeks.
My wife and I will be doing some reno work around the house and then escaping to a spa getaway for a couple days to celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary!
Hate to leave Waldern stranded mid-chase/climb, but that’s just how it turned out. Sorry big guy!

Read me live (2 weeks from now),


About timmholmes

Father of two little gentlemen. Author of The Mostly Made Up Adventures of Malcolm & Cooper. Creator/Facilitator of START A STORY Young Writers Workshop. @TimmWrites timmwrites@gmail.com

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