Hurt my back yesterday.
Pulling my shopping cart towards me at the grocery store. Ya. I’m feelin old.
I should have known better, all
one-handing the cart and stuff like the young kids do. Gotta stop trying to show off and act my age! Two hands Timm! Two hands!
Such a dumb way to start the weekend.
Anyway, got distracted with drugging, heating, massaging my back last night.
As I lay here in bed (still in pain) this morning, I typed up the pages I owe you from last night. Enjoy.
What the heck’s a Cryptid anyway?
Anyone care to guess?

Read me live,

About timmholmes

Father of two little gentlemen. Author of The Mostly Made Up Adventures of Malcolm & Cooper. Creator/Facilitator of START A STORY Young Writers Workshop. @TimmWrites

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  1. A cryptid is a creature that has not been discovered yet but people still claim to see and interact with it. Cryptids are part of a larger study called cryptozoology, which literally means “hidden animals”.

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