Prep and ReOrg for the Home Stretch

As we pass what is likely the halfway mark in the first draft of Addison Dark, I’m changing the way you can read along.

Again? Really? Why?

I continue to try and have the most approachable and readable experience for the widest audience possible. I’m also becoming more invested in the characters and the world they inhabit and want to protect them from… shall we say… fiction poachers? My experimenting with facebook has fragmented my audience, and I’d like you all to share this experience together. Lots of other little reasons, but those are the heavy hitters.

My brother, founder and CEO of @Holmade_Games will appreciate the following.

Live Writing version 3.0 change log:

new sections added – The Story So Far, Recently Written

updated sticky posts – How to Enjoy the Live Writing Experience, What is Live Writing?

Live Writing version 3.1 (releasing later this week) change log:

updating section – The Story So Far

reformatting of the short stories in Other Writing section

re-establishing of the Addison Dark fanpage

closing of the most recent Addison Dark personal page.

Stardust Recipe

Every time I watch Stardust by Neil Gaiman, I think THAT’s the kind of story I WANT to write! So I finally did a critical analysis of it and it was SUCH an interesting experience. Caught things I hadn’t in my upteen previous viewings. Some great take aways. Feels like I have a recipe. Now to ensure I have the proper ingredients! But SO important to cook-to-taste, not blindly follow the recipe!

Read me live (starting again next week),


Vacation Time!

Having a little rest from work. A two week long staycation, with a few things to dabble with at home.

Over the next two weeks, writing will be intermittent.

I’ll be busy in other facets of the writing process. Sketching out the next few large story paths and set pieces. I’ll also be making a few changes to the blog and how the social media channels will be used to better support the Live Writing Experiment.

Stay tuned. There’s so much yet to come!

Read me live,